Daniel Ellsberg to Headline Historic Impeachment Event in Concord

Daniel Ellsberg to Headline Historic Impeachment Event in Concord

Brookline, NH – NH State Representative Betty Hall is hosting Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War critic, for a special event at the Capitol Center for the Arts Monday April 14 at 7pm.  It was Ellsberg who released the Pentagon papers which helped end the Vietnam War. Ellsberg will be headlining a group of supporters for Betty Hall’s HR24, which, if passed in the NH House would ask the US House to begin an investigation to verify if there is sufficient cause to hold our government leaders responsible, as provided in Jefferson’s Manual Section 603.  Hall’s petition specifically cites President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. The historic vote will come to the NH House on Wednesday, April 16.
If passed, it will represent the first time that a state legislature would have invoked the special privilege to ask the US House for investigations to begin with a President and Vice-President.  It does not need to be passed through the NH Senate, nor obtain the signature of  NH Governor Lynch.
Hall has stated, “My failure to vote for the NH House Resolution for the Nixon Impeachment is the absolutely biggest regret of my legislative career. That is why I am so dedicated to doing this now.”
Also present will be former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who served under President Lyndon B. Johnson; Dr. Robert Bowman, who was the director of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter; John Nichols, writer for The Nation magazine and author of “The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders’ Cure for Royalism”; Phil Burk, businessman and impeachment scholar who is versed in the rules of law outlined in Jefferson’s Manual.  Other dignitaries are rescheduling commitments to attend the historic gathering, which is open to the public.
Speakers are scheduled for a 4 pm press conference at the restored Victorian mansion, Kimball House, as well as a 5:30 pm reception with NH State Representatives who will be able to personally exchange opinions with the honored guests.
The public is invited to contact the Capitol Center for the Arts for tickets ( A New Hampshire Area Code goes here- 225-1111) for the Monday April 14, 7pm event; tickets go on sale Monday, April 7.  Free on street parking and free parking at the Capital Commons Garage on Storrs Street, after 5:00.

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