Impeachment Vote This Week – Go New Hampshire – Make Us Proud!

The deepest core of every American soul holds a painful
shame, an embarrassed humiliation that most today feel
impotent to address.

Our forefathers recognized that there would be times
when the government’s executive and legislative
branches could become so corrupted and unreliable to
protect the Constitution that it would be up to the

So they gave us a special tool, mentioned no less than
six times in our Constitution, to use for a remedy.a
Unfortunately, “the word” spoken today conjures a vast
array of emotional responses with little real
understanding of a constitutional process, historically
grounded, which we seem to fear.

House Resolution 24 is expected to be voted on April 16
by the New Hampshire House Representatives.
This will be an historic vote – the first time a state
legislature will attempt to petition the U.S. Congress to
begin investigations to determine if there is sufficient
cause/evidence to hold our current leaders accountable
as stipulated in Section 603 of the Jefferson Manual, the
official rules of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Thomas Jefferson himself forwarded the evidence for
the first successful federal impeachment in 1803.

OK, there’s “the word.” Hang on – the procedure
doesn’t necessarily lead to impeachment. Recall that
President Richard Nixon ran when the evidence was laid
before the public. It never got to trial by the U.S.

Why must we do it now? We must challenge this
administration’s usurpation of power from the people,
from the legislative and judicial branches of
government or else these powers of an imperial
presidency will go forward to succeeding

We do not want any future president to have these
illicit powers. We fought a revolution to ensure it.
The time is right now to demand our representatives
follow their oath of office. It is we, the people, who
have vested our power in them to speak for us.
It is the duty of each and every one of us to tell them:
“Start investigations now – for all those who’ve gone
before and on whose shoulders we stand, as an example
for future generations.”

“Our children will grow knowing “we the people of
these United States have the duty to speak out, as a
strong majority for right, when we find ourselves
engulfed in wrongs.”

(For a succinct summary with no hype of why
impeachment is necessary visit this site

If you live in New Hampshire, write or talk to your

While it is happening right on our doorstep, I’m
incredulous that most folks never heard of the issue that
was No. 1 on Google and Wikipedia this past weekend.

In the meantime, come to the Capitol Center for the
Arts in Concord on Monday, April 14, at 7 p.m. to hear
Daniel Ellsberg, who released the “Pentagon Papers” to
The New York Times in 1971, former U.S. Attorney
General Ramsey Clark, who served under President
Lyndon B. Johnson, and others talk about this issue.

Impeachment is not about President Bush and Vice
President Dick Cheney. It is about the presidency. It is
about the future and the Constitution. It rises above
partisan politics and so should – nay, must – we if we are
to keep our Republic.

Mary Ellen Martin
Former Rep. Mary Ellen Martin
Hills. District26
Served the people of Nashua for the past 16 years as
their Representative

2 Responses

  1. These moonbats will be voted out of office come ’08. What a waste of our time and money at the statehouse.

    Meanwhile they are spending like drunken sailors so they can tax us more.

    Throw these bums out and get our Republican majority back and bring NH back to #1 as she has always been under GOP rule!

  2. How about some leaders that will follow the Constitution or attempt honesty before attacking and occupying another country. Or are you opposed to that too?

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