U.S. Troops in Iraq Suffer Bloodiest Week of 2008

Clearly there is no possible Bush-Cheney-McCain spin that the surge is working. The surge was a mistake.  Our troops need to be brought home before more unnecessary loss of life.   It looks like matters are getting worse despite our paying insurgents to not fire on our troops.   Whatever could the Bush Administration say at this point to justify continued efforts when the entry to Iraq was never justified.

With McSame and the rest of the Repub rubber stamping of the Bush Administration, could this be good P.R. for a long Democratic hold on government in the future?

One thing is for sure. Staying in Iraq is only folly and a ridiculous attempt to support oil companies and certainly an outrage in consideration of the cost in human life.

2 Responses

  1. Well, I’m glad I finally found one person who agrees with me.

  2. Hopefully this will rid us of where the Republican party has been taking us for a long time. It’s just sad to see so much loss of life for this change.

    Every time I see the number of lost lives in Iraq change by one number, I think of the family that lost someone they love. As a parent, that deeply saddens me.

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