The Ad Comcast Doesn’t Want You To See on Nancy Pelosi

Comcast, which has a history of censoring political content is still abusing their monopoly power to suppress political speech. Last week in San Francisco the REFUSED to accept the new Shirley Golub TV ad, in her congressional primary challenge against Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently they did not take kindly to Golub’s comparison of the political behavior of the current Speaker of the House to a rubber chicken. But that’s not their call, and in the meantime the 3 major non-cable broadcast outlets ARE running the ad and they all think it’s a delightful hoot.

But the problem is that Shirley wanted to place these ads specifically to support Keith Olbermann on MSNBC cable, and Comcast by their action is making it immensely harder for her to mobilize Olbermann fans. It is simply outrageous for Comcast to refuse to air perfectly acceptable political speech because THEY don’t like the content. We must flood them with complaints, or how much further behind will be Olbermann himself, with his uncompromising commentary.  read more

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