CA 24th District Congress Update

From California Progress Report (David Dayen):

“Incumbent: Elton Gallegly. Challengers: Jill Martinez, Mary Pallant (Responsible Plan endorser). PVI #: R+5. % Dem. turnout: 50.6. Marta Jorgensen has quit the race and backed Jill Martinez. Unfortunately, the primary fight here has turned a little nasty, with Jill Martinez stretching the truth about Mary Pallant’s positions and her own finances. Neither candidate raised a lot of money last quarter but Martinez claimed she had, despite her bank account being in the red. Pallant is working the progressive grassroots to win the nomination, winning the endorsements of’s David Swanson and author Norman Solomon. I’d love to see a true progressive take on Elton Gallegly. He wants to drill in ANWR. He’s not that bright.”

Seems that I’m not the only individual with concerns for Martinez’s integrity. What’s with the campaign debt? Since Martinez has had since 2006 to raise money for her campaign, why does that debt continue, and more, how can she raise the 1.6 million she said, this past Tuesday at the Conejo Dems Club, it would take to take on Gallegly if she hasn’t done it already? Given the amount in Gallegly’s campaign fund, how can Martinez even throw her hat in the ring with her campaign being nearly $100,000 in debt?

May 25th update: Marta Jorgensen has rejoined the race and withdrawn her endorsement of Martinez.

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