Get out to protest John McCain

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Click on the link to find where John McCain will be appearing and go hold out some signs telling him we won’t take the Bush Administration’s or his nonsense any longer.  No more war, occupation, torture, not another dime… none of it.

2 Responses

  1. Down with McStain! Down with McNasty! No more of the McSame!

    McCain is a pudding-brained CFR stooge who is operating at about 22% capacity. I am surprised he can even remember his own name.

    Here is an example or 10 of what I mean:

  2. Sounds like he’s endeared himself to you as much as he has to me. I’m not in favor of another 4 years of the Bush administration that’s for sure.

    Want to get someone great in Congress? Head over to Mary Pallant for Congress site and donate some cash.

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