Jill Martinez needs to update her campaign website

But will she?

Marta Jorgensen has made it clear that she has rejoined the CA 24th Congressional race. She has withdrawn her endorsement of Martinez. Martinez continues to display on her website misinformation pertaining to endorsements and who she is running against.

Campaign stated references to any participation in Helsinki, Finland, are unreferenced and also suspect. When questioned about this activity, the Martinez campaign lacked independent references to support Martinez’s involvement in any peace committee there.

In addition to ongoing dishonesty concerning campaign funds, it is clear to this voter that we don’t need to welcome this candidate as the Democratic nomination. In fact, these issues raise serious questions about Martinez’s ability to even face off against Gallegly. Does the Martinez campaign truly believe Gallegly wouldn’t be able to slice through this nonsense in a nanosecond? This behavior does more of a disservice to voters hoping for change and responsible leadership then doing them any service.

It is this author’s belief that we have had enough dishonesty and shady dealings in Washington to allow these issues to go unnoticed. Having remained silent in hope that the Martinez shenanigans would stop, given all the sources available on the internet to prove them otherwise, it has become clear they won’t. Is all of this hype a desperate attempt to pay off the nearly $100,000 of debt since her failed 2006 campaign? With the opportunity to have raised money for the last two years, clearly the Martinez campaign fundraising efforts have been poor.

Additionally, this type of campaign behavior and dishonest hype do more harm to the local Democratic groups than support the cause. Gallegly has done little to help the 24th district, his voting record has done quite a bit of harm to the nation as a whole.

This blog supports Mary Pallant‘s candidacy on integrity, values, and experience. There is also Marta Jorgensen, that deserves acknowledgment, although not this blog’s endorsement.

Registered Democratic voters now outnumber Republicans in Ventura County and are closing the gap in other parts of the 24th district. This can be a great year for this district. But the dishonest campaign hype and back stabbing needs to stop.

It is time for local Democrats to truly investigate the candidates, question and read carefully, and proceed in a unified manner to bring this district home. Every voter has a right to question candidates’ statements and their resume. If something sounds outlandish, ask for an independent reference. If their only reference points to their website, or outdated information two years old, there should be pause for thought before proceeding.

Here’s wishing us the best in 2008. Remember to vote on June 3rd!

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