Progressive Democrats of America Urgent Action Items:

Tomorrow, five of our endorsed Healthcare NOT Warfare candidates face primary contests. In California, Mary Pallant (CD 24), Cheryl Ede (CD 50), Vickie Butcher (CD 52), and Mike Copass (CD 53) are busy getting out the vote, and in Iowa, Ed Fallon is poised to take out an inside-the-beltway corporate Democrat in the 3rd Congressional District. For those living in or near these CDs, please contact the campaigns to see how you can help our candidates win tomorrow.

The Copass campaign is operating a virtual phone bank. Mike’s campaign is really gaining momentum in the final days of the primary campaign–for those of you living outside of these districts, please contact to help push Mike over the top.

Here’s the June schedule of Issue Organizing Team Conference Calls.  Please follow the links and register to attend the call, so we can get back to you with relevant information, if necessary. Click here for the current list of Focus Group calls. (If you’ve registered before, just enter your name, state, and email address.)

Finally, in coalition with,, and many others, we ask you to take action immediately on the Senate version of the Supplemental War Appropriations Bill, which will be taken up by the House very soon. The Senate version added the Iraq funding back in and withdrew the timeline language.

26 Senators voted NO on the combined bill.  Please thank them, and let them know we had hoped for a filibuster to stop the funding altogether.  Find how your Senators voted here.

3 weeks ago, 149 House members voted NO on more funding!  That’s nearly double the number we expected.  Thank them, and ask them to VOTE NO again.  Find out how they voted, here.

We need 69 more NO VOTES to STOP THE FUNDING and force a change in the military presence in Iraq. If your representative voted no the first time, then please call and ask, plead, demand they vote no on the Senate version.

You can contact your Senators and members of Congress at the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.

Our combined efforts really made a difference last time and we can make a difference this time.  It is important to keep this issue front and center during this campaign cycle. There’s nothing more the Republicans want than to move the Iraq Occupation to the back burner–let’s hold their feet to the fire, and burn up the Capitol Switchboard with our calls to stop funding the Iraq Occupation and bring our troops home!

Yours in the movement,

Tim Carpenter
National Director

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