Outcome prediction for the 24th District CA race – Pallant leads

Here is the activity across Actblue.com.  While this merely indicates donation activity, it may be suggestive of the final outcome of today’s election.  Mary Pallant is clearly coming out ahead and shows the most serious intention to step forward for the Democrats of the 24th Congressional District.
Image of Mary Pallant

Raised across ActBlue: 81 supporters – raised $5,465

Jill Martinez

Raised across ActBlue: 8 supporters – raised $775

Image of Marta Jorgensen

Raised across ActBlue: 2 supporters – raised $75

2 Responses

  1. I guess this shows that Actblue isn’t a viable gauge for either total contributions or one’s chances for winning.

    The FEC is the reliable source for finance info, and, as far as predicting an outcome: it’d be best to stick with the Sunday paper and the latest Gallup polls.

  2. True fec.gov is the best source. If you had looked around this blog, you would have seen fec.gov quoted repeatedly. I invite you to look before speaking. That would have shown the campaign donations up to a certain date, when the candidate last filed. As far as Jorgensen, she had no donations, and elsewhere no endorsements, and did no campaigning. In fact Jorgensen did not show up to any speaker forums or debates. She did not participate in any radio interviews either. The voting ballot shows “educator” under her name, however she is not listed as credentialed on the Commission on Teacher Credentials state website. She does not appear to be an actual educator either.

    As far as polls, I guess you haven’t read up on what goes on with those either.

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