Marta Jorgensen – Educator? Think not

The June 3rd election upset was interesting. How is it that Democrats of the 24th district voted to nominate Marta Jorgensen?

Jorgensen withdrew from the race and then jumped back in 2 weeks before the election. She clearly has no money to run against an incumbent with a million dollar campaign fund, and hasn’t appeared to make an effort in gathering donations from the community. She has NO government experience, no committee experience, no community service to point to that is verifiable, nor policies that she has endorsed to speak of. She was a no show at any of the candidate forums, didn’t debate, and made no effort to display her views to the 24th district.

Either Gallegly participated in some very questionable practices to insure an easy re-election, OR voters chose simply based on “Educator” being listed on the voter ballot in absence of any information about what candidates stand for. As far as Jorgensen being an educator, one can easily input her name on the California Commission on Teacher Credentials, the agency that oversees all California teachers, to find that she is not a credentialed teacher. Every certified school teacher must hold to a certain standard and pass vigorous education benchmarks to hold a credential to teach. In checking the California Nurses Registry, Jorgensen is not listed as a nurse either.

How sad. This was certainly our year in the 24th district. It is a shame that voters don’t take the future of our children and district more seriously and educate themselves.

Jorgensen withdrew from the 24th district race previously because, as she stated in a Paul Berenson interview (May 3rd, top of the second hour), she ran out of money. Will she again withdraw once up against Elton Gallegly, because she is out of funds?

But then again, perhaps the Democratic and Republican candidates are appropriately matched.

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  1. all too true. It’s a shame that voters make decisions based on nothing more than a ballot designation.

    In the meantime, let’s give Jorgensen a chance to prove she’s remotely serious, and hopefully make Gallegly sweat and spend some of that money so he can’t hoard it all for 2010.

    And let’s all get organized sooner for 2010.

  2. Actually being an educator for nearly twenty years and listed on the ctc as such, and 8 years of college to boot, this matter is insulting to me, and I wasn’t running for anything! Educator, yeah right!

    Maybe after Gallegly proposes a coin in honor of George Bush 24th district democrats will get serious.

    The time to start getting ready for 2010 is now.

  3. I have known Marta Jorgensen for more than a year. I know that she taught computer classes. I have even seen the web pages that she has programmed.
    I am married to a college professor of 39 years. I too am upset about people that use the term “educator” loosely. We had that happen down here in the 40th Assembly District. But I know how she has made her income this past year, and teaching computers regularly to others – running a computer school – qualifies in my book.
    I really would like to see a little more support for Marta. Marta is in the race because none of the candidates from Oak Park or Ventura addressed the issues in her neck of the woods.
    Oh, and by the way, I was at the first “debate” event between Marta and Mary Pallant at Mary’s club. I offered my support to both of them since I knew both of them.
    It was Jill that was a no show at that event.
    Instead of slinging mud, if you really want to turn that CD Blue, why don’t you get to know your candidate, and send her a little money. If you are a teacher, you can afford an occasional donation of choice. And if you really want to turn your CD Blue, use your blogging to support Marta – not to fuel Elton’s fire.

  4. Hi Chris:

    Thanks for stopping by. I was content at stating my opinion and disappointment in my post and then leaving it alone. However since you would like to discuss this further, I offer the following regarding my views.

    I see by what you wrote, you are also concerned about candidate’s using the term “educator” loosely.

    Would you consider “technical consultant” or “web developer” better descriptors of the field in which she has made her most money within the last year? I think those terms would have been more descriptive. You mentioned she has developed “web pages”. While I can appreciate that may qualify as “educator” in your book, it does not in mine. But then I must provide background. My ability to call myself an “educator” included 8 years of college and graduate school, supporting myself with 5 concurrent part time jobs, while ensuring I had A’s in every class so that I would qualify for any available scholarship to keep my education going. I would like to believe that “educator” suggests a certain level of sacrifice, commitment, and determination for a greater good. Some might feel otherwise.

    I have been following the Ventura County Star and other online news media in this area. I have seen a lot of “mud slinging” as you call it. I have what I believe to be Martinez constantly stretching the truth, posting as “someone” and others, writing in online open source sites with inappropriate marketing language without reference to facts, claiming old endorsements that were no longer valid. And just who is this from either the Jorgensen or Martinez campaign – – that individual tried to submit in, that Pallant was a Republican! Clearly that is not true, and basically, it was a pitiful display of inappropriate, dishonest, and childish behavior. I imagine it was from the Martinez campaign as this was during the time Martinez was also found remarking about Pallant being a Republican/Conservative. I’m sure the Martinez campaign will remember. As far as Jorgensen, I’ve only seen her post on the Ventura County Star shamefully attacking other candidates for having campaign funds and not driving out to her. I did see your prior support for Jorgensen on the Star. One of your posts indicated you felt she was well organized. That would include, certainly in politics and would be expected of any candidate, fund raising. I would imagine fund raising, and unfortunately until we get a better method in the US, to be a most important method of reaching out to voters, while also demonstrating organizational abilities and ability to manage a campaign locally without debt. I have been quite disappointed with Jorgensen’s effort in the arena in terms of showing commitment. But I must state here that I know almost nothing of Jorgensen. She has never appeared in the eastern cities of the district and she did drop out of the race, I never received anything in the mail, email, sign, etc.

    I do remember several posts on the Ventura County Star that I thought quite telling. The most that influenced my viewpoint included:

    1. Jorgensen stated she couldn’t drive to the eastern point of the district because she didn’t have the gas money. To this, I must respond that she put up about $1600 for her campaign filing and $2000 for her campaign. Did she not consider gas money to actually campaign? We already have Elton Gallegly who is an absolute no show in the district, and in terms of representing us in Congress and his blind support for George Bush, I see him as a no show there are well. Can I support one do-nothing against another? No.

    2. Jorgensen actually criticized a candidate, Pallant, for raising money! Given my research, I didn’t see any large AIPAC funders behind Pallant. Actually since most donations were not listed in, that demonstrates that the donations were under $250 and from regular folk….supporters. If this is not an attempt at “mud slinging” please tell me what is? I think Jorgensen did stop by here once and tried to post a comment that stated something like, and I’ll paraphrase, ‘I should take my nose out of my backyard and notice the north-western portion of the district as she was also a candidate.’ While I appreciate Jorgensen’s effort to reach out, that didn’t seem appropriate material to post to gather voter support and clearly not a platform position, as she has tried to make it through her statement for re-entering the race. We need to demand more from those seeking office and rid those from office that don’t do their job.

    3. Jorgensen withdrew from the race and then chose to endorse Jill Martinez. Based on my observations and research on Martinez that was the nail in the coffin for me.

    While I appreciate and respect your point of view, I am not driven to vote or support merely because of the label. I have strongly opposed Nancy Pelosi’s failure to act on impeachment as it is necessary and oppose any “Democrat” that fails to show commitment, integrity, and follow through. I am deeply disappointed with the mud slinging and childishness of both the Jorgensen and Martinez campaigns. I am deeply disappointed, as well, with many of the Republican incumbents and candidates that remain blind to what we are doing to this nation while remaining in Iraq while we support corporate greed.

    If you had taken the time to review my posted articles, you may have easily come to the conclusion that I feel quite strongly for independent thinking, integrity, honesty, sound policy that serves the greater good and not corporate greed, caring for human beings and the planet, and follow through. While I endorse true Democratic principles, I am also not a sheep to that label. I find many Republicans to be sheep to the GOP. Ask the average Republican what their party has done for them, most respond with accusations based on no reference or discussion using labels rather than ideas.

    I would love to see the 24th district have true representation after years of Gallegly and his blind support of George Bush. I hope that next year will find him in a more meaningless zone of Congress.

    As far as your comments ” instead of slinging mud”. I don’t believe my views are “slinging mud”. Have I posted anything that is not based on fact?

    …and “why don’t you get to know your candidate and send her a little money. If you are a teacher, you can afford an occasional donation of choice?”. Did I say she is my candidate, I would see it incumbent upon her to get to know the voters by reaching out. I have not seen her campaigning nor anywhere really in any part of the district. Her online calendar is disappointing with respect to standing for anything. Additionally how would sending her money help me to get to know her? Will she only get to know my views if I sent her money? I don’t think it is necessary to respond to “donation of choice”.

    Every time I see the number of those killed in Iraq increase by even one, it causes me to pause for that family that has lost someone dear to them over our nation’s poor behavior and dishonesty. Today that number jumped by three. For local candidates and incumbents to not hold those lives dear, and instead are no-show, misleading, or outright dishonest, is beyond belief. Additionally, to deny what this has done to our economy and our standing in the world is to remain completely blind and without conscience. I say not another dime and not another second.

    I appreciate your viewpoint. I do hope you appreciate mine. I have supported Mary Pallant, based on many of the principles I endorse. I hope she will consider another run in 2010. If she does, I am behind her 100%. As far as this year’s voting, if possible, I will write in her name.

    Rather than ongoing mud slinging in this district, which seems to be the call of the day, I hope that we can focus our remaining energies and money on getting Barack Obama elected and calling out the dishonesty and flip-flopping McCain demonstrates to garner support. A McCain presidency is just unthinkable.

  5. Sorry for the lengthly response, but since you brought various issues up, I felt it important to squarely address them.

  6. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I do not have time to read these posts unless I am searching.
    I think you and I share very similar values. Remember, I belong to the same progressive club in Encino as Mary. I was at the debate between Mary and Marta.
    Again, I did not take sides between Mary and Marta. I gave my endorsement to Marta only days before the election.

    I did this because I offered both candidates my knowledge of local environmental issues. I eat and sleep the cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and peripheral properties.

    I would email both candidates that I was willing to educate them on this issue. I was never at any time contacted by Mary Pallant. On the other hand, Marta has been in contact with the Santa Susana Field Laboratory about a future tour. Marta has taken hours to listen to me try and explain the dynamics of this very complicated issue that impacts millions of people – down here.

    I am deeply concerned about Single Payer Health Care and I have sent my support of that issue to Senator Kuehl.

    As far as the war goes, I am a member of military. org, and I frequently respond to the emails to act by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.
    If you want to look for the word Integrity, GOOGLE my post on Al Gore.

    Here is a quote from that post:
    Posted August 6th, 2007 by Ecomom2008 in Al Gore Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Mitt Romney Politics
    We hear it everyday – it’s time for a Woman President, it’s time for a Black President, it’s time for a Latino President, it’s time for a Mormon President.

    None of those issues above concern me. What I am interested in is a President with INTEGRITY and who has the capability to understand complex issues.”

    I am a former Scoutmaster. A Scout is Trustworthy.

    While I also struggled to get my college degree while raising two sons, I did not proceed to be an educator as I had planned. I did pass the CBEST exam and I was qualified to teach high school health. But as it turned out, I would end up being the “Professional Volunteer” – the one that was the parent classroom aide, that chaperoned field trips, that taught music to my kid’s elementary school classes. I was organizing earthquake preparedness in our local school – before the Northridge Earthquake.

    I was a Cub Scout leader, Scoutmaster, Commissioner for the BSA.

    My job titles included Chairing about 5 Scouting for Food programs that supplied the food for four food pantries – including MANNA in the Westlake Village area.

    I attended the First Presidential Forum on Global Warming. The environment is one of many issues that I am passionate about.

    I am a public health and environmental health advocate – I fight very hard to protect the community about a number of public health issues.

    My desire in my post here is just to say – people down here don’t know Marta – well, some people do. People up north don’t seem to know Jill and Mary very well, because they had more funding, and she still won.

    So I ask as a true progressive Democrat – that worked my heart out for Al Gore, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Barack Obama – please, the election is over, let’s fund Marta so she can come down your way.

    I know that she was in Oxnard last Saturday. I wanted to go to that event. For me, I have my own events to pay for, and I could not go to that event when the candidates I wanted to see I knew would not be there.

    Because I am working with a number of candidates – giving them the benefit of my knowledge. Supporting their efforts. Telling people that I know why they should support them too.


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