Sabrina Eaton – Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Lacky

It is interesting that after Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach George Bush was read, that the Washington Journal on CSpan chose to phone interview Sabrina Eaton, a reporter representing the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This is a national matter.  It refers to the United States Constitution and clear abuses of the Bush administration.  Why then choose to interview a reporter from the small local paper in Cleveland that has had it out for Kucinich for years?  Interesting choice of interviewee.

Would we expect a clear opinion of the content of the resolution from any representative from the Cleveland Plain Dealer?  Of course not.

Additionally how cheap.  Ms. Eaton was quite transparent in her giggles concerning Congressmen Kucinich.    She’s supposed to be a professional reporter?  Think not.  With this how can one ever honestly expect to hear anything of merit from the Cleveland Plain Dealer or from Ms. Eaton for that matter?  I’m personally wondering what Ms. Eaton got for that little cameo?  Clearly she must not have children that would cause concern for their future living in a nation of liberty and prosperity under leaders of integrity.  Rather than focusing on the content, Ms. Eaton focuses on the message that the Plain Dealer wants to deliver about Kucinich.  The Plain Dealer was unsuccessful in their corporate smear campaign against Kucinich in this year’s primary, and they just won’t give up.  Good thing the voters in Cleveland aren’t fooled by that kind of trash.

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