Be careful of deceptive web blogs

When recently searching the internet I discovered a very deceptive web blog, I’m sure there are quite a few cropping up these days. They capture your ID, thumbnail and site link, and post something you didn’t say.

Here is an example of a site clearly supporting McCain is a very deceptive way ( .

They used my ID and link to post something I didn’t at all say, in fact to the contrary, the blog owner is quite sick in my opinion.

They suggest they were Clinton supporters now supporting McCain, however their extremist views of now supporting McCain is quite a transparent attempt to deceive any readers not carefully considering what that would mean. Clinton, clearly being a female and a feminist, would never endorse a candidate so totally against any legislation concerning women’s issues. McCain has proved his disregard for women repeatedly in his voting record against women’s issues. What nonsense to believe folks can be that ignorant, and how insulting to women. This appears as a desperate move for a most disturbed presidential candidate.

Report any smear tactics to the appropriate campaign so they can take immediate action.  We need to get the slime out of politics.

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