Do the Strickland’s have funny campaign money?

It appears there have been questions about if for some time. Seems currently Tony Strickland is taking in donations from the Tobacco Industry to fund his cause.

Two years ago both Tony and Audra were questioned about paying each other campaign funds.

Personally, I don’t care for the Stricklands. I contacted Audra with a matter concerning real estate law and home owner associations. Her office only responded when I told them I was going to the news. I got a call back just before elections and then never heard from her again. That dynasty needs to go.

Recently Strickland started a alternative energy company – Green Wave Energy Solutions, LLC. – with 5 other folks. Many, 1 2 3 say that it has been an attempt, by Strickland, to garner voter attention through a ballot designation of Alternative Energy Executive, although Strickland has never held a job outside of politics and has a history of the most dismal voting record on environmental issues.

Here’s more:

“Strickland is now calling himself an alternative energy executive in an obvious attempt to diffuse an extremely poor environmental record while in the Assembly. With a lifetime score of nearly zero from the California League of Conservation Voters, Strickland is no friend of the environment. He has opposed legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect children’s health from pollutants, and re-authorize the state’s recycling program, among many other environmentally friendly measures. He even opposed a bill to increase California’s supply of clean, renewable energy.

But wait, isn’t that what Strickland’s new company supposedly does? You can read more about it in a story by Star reporter Timm Herdt. The truth is that the company, formed by a group of Republican real estate developers and staffed for free by Strickland’s campaign workers, has not had success even pulling a permit to study the issue in California. Their initial permit requests were deemed insufficient by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and are still pending. FERC is carefully scrutinizing these filings to prevent speculative claims.

“I don’t think they’re going to get it,” Fort Bragg, Calif. environmental activist Laurel Krause told me. She led a protest against the greenlighting of wave energy projects without proper environmental review and citizen input. Strickland’s company has applied for a project there. Wave energy research is still in its infancy and causing concern among environmental groups because of its untested effects on the ocean environment, she said.

Strickland was brought into the project, according to a quote from company president Wayne Burkamp in the Fort Bragg Advocate News, for his political pull.

But he’s listing his occupation as alternative energy executive on the ballot, even though he’s yet to make a dime from the company because it is obviously not yet generating revenue. It also figures prominently on all his advertising.

Now I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt and would, except that this is not the first time his integrity has been called into question. According to a Los Angeles Times story, both Strickland and his wife, Audra, were investigated by the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for transferring campaign donations to businesses owned by each other. And while they were cleared of wrongdoing, eyebrows remain raised in local political circles.

I will also add into the equation that Strickland has accepted thousands of dollars of donations from tobacco companies, alcoholic beverage companies, and gambling interests.”

State Senate District 19 deserves better than this.

Show up this Tuesday, June 17th, to demonstrate Strickland’s campaign donations from the Tobacco Industry


We will be protesting the Ventura County Republican Central Committee’s acceptance of a $50,000 contribution from Altria (Philip Morris) on behalf of Tony Strickland. We view a contribution of this size as very significant and a further indication that the tobacco industry will continue to attempt to buy politicians in California. No other single company is responsible for more deaths of American citizens. Mitt Romney, keynote speaker at the Strickland fundraiser and on the shortlist for Republican Vice President, should speak out about tobacco and the cancer it continues to spread throughout our Nation.

Date: Tuesday, June 17, 6:00 P.M.

Place: Hyatt Westlake Plaza
880 S. Westlake Blvd.
Westlake Village

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