Big Box Retailers and economic power to influence government

From Corporate Abuse:

Over the last two decades, Big Box retailers have changed everything from the looks of our communities to the labor standards that protect us as workers. There is a high cost to low prices: small businesses continue to disappear, traffic grows more snarled, local manufacturing jobs disappear as these powerful retailers demand ever lower prices from suppliers. Five Big Box retailers–Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, Target and Sears–are among the 40 largest corporations on the Fortune 500 list. With their growing economic power, comes a dangerous growth of political power.

Nowhere is the abuse of political power more clear than with Wal-Mart. As the nation’s largest–and one of the most politically mighty corporations–Wal-Mart has invested millions of dollars to defeat citizen initiatives seeking to maintain community zoning standards, held fundraisers for and made gifts to politicians who later vetoed employee health care legislation that Wal-Mart opposed, and pitted communities against one another in gaining more than $1 billion in corporate tax breaks and subsidies; including $200 million in the last three years according to Walmart Subsidy Watch.

Corporate Accountability International believes that dangerous concentrations of political power in the hands of unaccountable corporations lie at the foundation of many of the campaigns challenging Wal-Mart.

Corporations boost profits at the expense of people’s health and environment by using campaign contributions, aggressive lobbying, deceptive public relations and influence over global trade talks to write the rules that govern our economy and society to their advantage.

As corporations grow richer and more powerful than many countries, it becomes even more important to challenge the undue influence they use to weaken government policies that should protect people.

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  1. Wal-Mart’s been nominated for the Corporate Hall of Shame a second year running. The polls are open just a few more days – check out what other corporations have been nominated and voice your choice at this site:

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I did check out the site and must admit I would have a hard time picking just one to vote for. I did vote last week. I hope folks were take your link and express their thoughts. Thanks much.

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