Strickland Chief of Staff Protests at Westlake Fundraiser

Yesterday, June 17, Tony Strickland ran a fundraiser at the Westlake Hyatt. To add to his large tobacco donations (through the local Republican group), he used Mitt Romney as a draw for more campaign donations for his cause.

At the same time, Audra Strickland’s chief of staff, Joel Angeles, protested Tony Strickland’s opponent Hannah-Beth Jackson on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. I wonder why they wouldn’t let him inside to attend the fundraiser? Did they have bigger plans for outside? Witnesses at the event stated that Mr. Angeles used his arms to shove his way through the crowd. One older man sustained injury to his shoulder and a young girl was shoved into the bushes which resulted in scratches to her arm. Here is a picture of Mr. Angeles and his elbows:

While Mr. Strickland indicates his opposition to gang violence, it is questionable why his campaign would allow any staff member of the Stricklands to behave in this way. This looks like “gang” type behavior being introduced to this community.

Witness reports state that Mr. Angeles was also calling out to school teacher and Assembly candidate Ferial Masry, stating that she is a “terrorist”. It would seem that Audra Strickland needs to consider whether it is helpful to any cause having those that use racist remarks under her employment. I would hope this community is better than that. But perhaps the Stricklands aren’t.

5 Responses

  1. It is indeed a sad commentary on the state of our current politics that people like Mr. Angeles resort to using racist hate speech in order to elect people like Audra Strickland while all the while wrapping themselves in the American flag and claiming to be to be protecting us from enemies foreign and domestic that they say “hate us for our freedoms”.

    “Those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don’t represent the best of America, they represent the worst of humankind and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior.” George Walker Bush

    It appears the Mr. Angeles and the Stricklands did not get the message and appear to be determined to represent the “worst of humankind”.

    As the father of a son who served in Iraq and the husband of the woman who has spent a lifetime building bridges I am hopeful that people will see these tactics for what they really are, the desperate last throes of a movement that has become ideologically, and morally bankrupt and does not represent the best that is American.

  2. Actually the racist remark reminded me of KKK activity of the past. I can’t believe this has happened in our community. How humiliating for the Strickland campaign to behave in such a way.

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  4. According to two Republican union officials who were in Sacramento yesterday 6/25/08 to drum up support for themselves, Audra Strickland and her Chief of Staff was seen in her office doing business as usual. This means the month off is another smoke and mirror job by them on the people.

  5. Perhaps, then, the month off was a reference to a vacation he is taking later in the year?

    I would be interested if someone can find a media post with picture of him with Strickland.

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