Joel Angeles on leave since Romney – Strickland fundraiser brawl

In what appears more show than punishment, Audra Strickland put her chief of staff, Joel Angeles, on a one month unpaid leave of absence. See Ventura County Star.

Readers will remember that Joel Angeles was described as shoving anti-tobacco donation protestors that were located on the sidewalk in front of the Hyatt in Westlake Village. The Hyatt was the site of a fundraiser for Tony Strickland, which used Mitt Romney as a draw for campaign donations. The folks on the side walk were protesting Strickland’s acceptance of large tobacco corporation donations.

But one has to consider what a “leave of absence” really means and whether merely a leave of absence is all that is warranted for being a member of an elected official’s office.

Joel Angeles appears to be quite intertwined in the Strickland’s campainging machine, having lived in their home and sharing a business with Audra Strickland as reported in the LA Times. Does his one month leave merely mean a vacation from public viewing?

Wouldn’t being removed from their offices altogether be more appropriate given accusations of his participation in a physical altercation and racial name-calling outside their fund raising event?

One Response

  1. According to two Republican union officials who were in Sacramento yesterday 6/25/08 to drum up support for themselves, Audra Strickland and her Chief of Staff was seen in her office doing business as usual. This means the month off is another smoke and mirror job by them on the people.

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