Urge The Senate to Reject the UnConstitutional FISA Bill

From ACLU:

In the ongoing fight over FISA, privacy and the rule of law are again on the line. That was the case yesterday when the House of Representatives caved and overwhelmingly passed a bill that creates loopholes for Bush to engage in unchecked spying on Americans and cuts off lawsuits against telecom companies that broke the law.

There’s a deeply disturbing premise behind this dangerous FISA legislation: The president simply has to claim his request was legal for immunity to be granted to telecom companies that illegally handed over personal information to the government.

No matter how illegal, offensive or intrusive a company’s invasion of your privacy has been, it won’t make a difference if this legislation passes because if the president gave the company a note claiming their behavior was legal, they’re completely off the hook.

Throughout the extended FISA debate, you and the ACLU have worked tirelessly to protect personal privacy and the rule of law. Together, we’ve given the Bush administration a run for their money, stopping a number of freedom-stealing proposals. The Senate is expected to be vote on the bill early next week. Don’t let your senators cave in now.

Reject spying on Americans with ACLU here

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