Bail Out? Did Anyone Read It?

OK the bailout, as written on Monday, was 110 pages.  John McCain admitted in an interview that he hadn’t had time to read it over the weekend when it was 3 pages.  Surely he didn’t read the 110 pages on Monday.  The Senate voted this evening on a revised version that included 451 pages.  I’m wondering if anyone read it.  I think I’m safe guessing McCain didn’t read it if he couldn’t read Paulson’s version when it was 3 pages, or was it two… can’t remember now while worrying about our future.

I’m guessing Obama didn’t read it either.  Realistically, how could he fit in 451 pages of reading while campaigning. Yet all of them are crying that we need this now and fast.

I’m wondering if anyone knows what they are voting for?  Now the bail out package is being called a “Rescue Package”.  I guess they feel that sounds better to us in accepting it.   The bottom line is, we’re not getting rescued, nobody has a clue what they are voting for, the folks that wrote it were part of the problem that created this mess, and we’re getting screwed again.

2 Responses

  1. I looked at it briefly and it is basically the same bill with a bunch of other garbage added to it. On top of the original garbage that is.

    And it looked like in order to get the conservatives on board they gave Wall Street rich dudes a massive tax break.

    So we the average citizens get to float even more of the burden of this bailout. We got double screwed. The house said drop dead and now Wall Street is saying FUCK YOU little dudes. We are going to rape you to death for everything you got and dance on your grave while throwing a cocktail party while you fuckers eat depression.

  2. I saw that tax break in there too. I don’t think that was made general knowledge in any of the speeches. I think they are hoping that we don’t notice. Of course, is they don’t read the whole thing, they imagine we don’t either.

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