Pro-McCain Group Offering Cash for Protesters @ VP Debate

The NRCC front group “Vets for Freedom” has resorted to recruiting paid “demonstrators” from local college fraternities to maintain the illusion of popular support for Sarah Palin at the upcoming VP debate. The tactic echoes the 2000 “Brooks Brothers Riot,” when GOP congressional staff were flown from DC to fake a protest against the FLA recount .

How pitiful……

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2 Responses

  1. I’ll pay Biden’s campaign $100 if he sayes
    “Would you like to get back to me about that, Governor Palin?”
    What would you give to hear that?

  2. EVERYONE I know is waiting for this debate. It’s has nothing to do with determining which candidate best represents our views, but rather eager for a good chuckle over the next ridiculous remark she’ll come up with.

    I guess we all need a good laugh after this bail out calamity.

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