California’s Prop 8 is hateful and unethical

It is unbelievable that California voters must take time to vote on who has the right to marry.  Isn’t this a little too much meddling in personal privacy?  Isn’t this legalizing prejudice and hate?  Just where will this type of focus end?

We can’t allow our Constitution to dictate our personal lives or legalize prejudice.

Vote NO on 8

2 Responses

  1. I am going to vote Yes for Prop 8 no matter what any poll predicts. I don’t have anything against gay and lesbians, it is their lifestyle. But you have to admit that they are a minority of population and honesltly they are different than the straight people.
    So why should the majority give in and change the centuries old instituation and definition of marriage only because some very minor part or popultion wants so. I would even probably consider it as a personal insult. And it is definetely an insult and vulgarization of marriage for most of religios people, for whom the marriage has sacred meaning as well. So why don’t anybody want to protect the feeling of religous people, for example, ah?, the majority of which do support the definition of marriage as a union of man and women only. It’s been like this for centuries! Are we in postion to change that? Let’s come up with a new institution specially intended for gay and lesbians couples whith equal social
    regulation as traditonal marriage but call it something different.

    The long term goal behind the legalization of same-sex marrigae is very obvious – it is to acustom the soceity the idea that they are normal as everybody else. But in fact they are not!
    I am not saying this with any negative sense, I am simply admitting the obvious – they, and their life style is not traditional and different!

  2. Hello Enzo and thanks for stopping by.

    To begin, individual beliefs, if that’s what you are referring to by “religious” are individual beliefs. If this is your religious belief, then it belongs in your church, NOT in government. In this United States we have traditionally, or are supposed to have, separation of church and state.

    You mention gay folks are “different”. The last I understood, they are people and citizens of the United States too. You know, the place where there are equal rights for all….

    When folks start discriminating against a particular group, then they open up the way for themselves to be discriminated against. For instance, I don’t particularly care for some LDS folks, I think it is rude that they enter my property to tell me of their religion, one time breaking my entry gate, and they typically have very large families (10 or more children) at a time when each individual takes up enormous resources from our environment. On this last issue, this could be a real concern that DOES impact other citizens. Would you agree that we need to ban those folks that believe in large families from having more than two, and make this an amendment to the Constitution? Clearly this later point affects us all more than two same sex folks getting married. With respect to same sex couples, what do I care!

    What I do care about is, that when we choose to be hateful and prejudiced against one minority group, we pave the way for hate and prejudice against others, and the others could be you!

    Clearly, this issue is a distraction issue in government at this time. We certainly have a lot bigger fish to fry. To me, your comments display your bigotry and ignorance. Personally, I don’t much care for ignorant folks, perhaps we should make a Constitutional amendment from you opening your mouth until you can display an IQ level above 100.

    I hope I’ve proven my point.

    Remember to Vote NO on 8.

    Next time you could be posting to ask for everyone else’s help for either you or a family member that you love, and you will want to ensure that folks are there to help you too.

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