Just got a robocall from Strickland Campaign

Just got a robocall from the Strickland campaign.  In it the recording said something about Hannah-Beth Jackson running a smear campaign against Strickland.  It said Strickland was on the ethics committee – wait there’s something funny about the words Strickland and ethics in the same sentence.  When I think of the Stricklands sending out Joel Angeles in an attempt to stop folks from peacefully protesting, where Angeles is now being brought to court for allegedly knocking an older gentleman on the ground, I have a hard time thinking of Strickland on any ethics committee.  My impression of Mr. Angeles, as I observed the occasion, was that he looked like a thug.

When I think of Strickland’s Green Wave Energy, that does nothing, reportedly having no employees or money, and a Stricland past voting record that was abysmal for the environment, I really have a hard time thinking of Strickland and ethics.  In my opinion, it seems the Stricklands are the ones running a smear campaign. This is not even to mention some of the creepy folk that have contributed to his campaign.  please see prior Strickland posts.

Time to clean up government.

Vote Ferial Masry and Hannah-Beth Jackson.  Let the Stricklands have the time to actually do something with their yet to launch company.

California’s Prop 8 is hateful and unethical

It is unbelievable that California voters must take time to vote on who has the right to marry.  Isn’t this a little too much meddling in personal privacy?  Isn’t this legalizing prejudice and hate?  Just where will this type of focus end?

We can’t allow our Constitution to dictate our personal lives or legalize prejudice.

Vote NO on 8

Update on Strickland brawl from the summer

Many will remember the brawl involving Audra Strickland’s Chief of Staff, Joel Angeles, with demonstrators over the summer. As an update, it appears that Angeles has battery charges that are being referred to the California State Attorney General. Read more of the story here.


The Stricklands need to go.  Their behavior and who they associate with is unbelieveable.

Strickland and the Truth Squad

Strickland claims he is a alternative energy executive, however his history doesn’t support that.  Check his voting history, it’s awful for the environment.

Poor Environmental Record

  • Strickland voted against legislation created by Hannah-Beth Jackson (his upcoming Democratic opponent), which enabled further restrictions to be placed on pesticide use near schools and other vulnerable sites. (AB 947, vote passed, 8/22/2002)
  • Strickland’s lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters is near zero, largely due to his poor voting record on several environmental issues.
  • Strickland lists himself as an “alternative energy executive” on the upcoming ballot, despite the fact that his company has so far been denied a permit by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and has generated no revenue. [1]

Project VoteSmart indicates the following poor environmental record:

2003 Strickland supported the interests of the California League of Conservation Voters 5 percent in 2003.

2002 Strickland supported the interests of the California League of Conservation Voters 5 percent in 2002.

2001-2002 Strickland supported the interests of the California Park and Recreation Society 25 percent in 2001-2002.

2001 Strickland supported the interests of the California League of Conservation Voters 0 percent in 2001.

2000 Strickland supported the interests of the California League of Conservation Voters 0 percent in 2000.

1999 Strickland supported the interests of the California League of Conservation Voters 0 percent in 1999.

Questionable Finances

In his failed run for state controller, Strickland was primarily funded by software giant Intuit and a group of Southern California Indian tribes with large stakes in the casino gambling business. He accepted over $1 million from these two groups alone, which raised concerns that this was an attempt to influence the controller’s ability to alter state tax policies.[2]

In 2005, Ventura County Prosecutors investigated the campaign practices of Tony Strickland and his wife, Audra Strickland, who is also a legislator, for adding to their personal incomes by transferring political funds to consulting firms they each own and operate. This seemed to hurt Strickland’s 2006 run for state controller, which would have given him the responsibility of managing the state’s finances.[3] Oh Gosh.

On women’s rights

Clearly Strickland’s environmental record doesn’t support his ballot designation claim.  His voting on women’s, children, and health issues is quite extreme.  It seems to me quite archaic too.  Hannah-Beth Jackson appears better able to steer us through the upcoming years in a more balanced way.

Strickland sends out mailer trying to trick voters

There seems to be no end to the Strickland dishonesty.  Most recently he has sent out a mailer that does not declare from where it came, which may suggest it was sent by Hannah-Beth Jackson. By failing to clearly indicate from what campaign the mailer was sent, this broke the law.

Haven’t we had enough of politicians who think they can violate the law and get away with it.  For ethical reasons alone, Strickland needs to go.  Jackson clearly appears to have stronger ethics.  We need to wash this nation clean of law breaking politicians to move forward as a success instead of control by corporate greed and the politicians that support them instead of their constituency.

See more of the story and comments here

Joel Angeles on leave since Romney – Strickland fundraiser brawl

In what appears more show than punishment, Audra Strickland put her chief of staff, Joel Angeles, on a one month unpaid leave of absence. See Ventura County Star.

Readers will remember that Joel Angeles was described as shoving anti-tobacco donation protestors that were located on the sidewalk in front of the Hyatt in Westlake Village. The Hyatt was the site of a fundraiser for Tony Strickland, which used Mitt Romney as a draw for campaign donations. The folks on the side walk were protesting Strickland’s acceptance of large tobacco corporation donations.

But one has to consider what a “leave of absence” really means and whether merely a leave of absence is all that is warranted for being a member of an elected official’s office.

Joel Angeles appears to be quite intertwined in the Strickland’s campainging machine, having lived in their home and sharing a business with Audra Strickland as reported in the LA Times. Does his one month leave merely mean a vacation from public viewing?

Wouldn’t being removed from their offices altogether be more appropriate given accusations of his participation in a physical altercation and racial name-calling outside their fund raising event?

Big Box Retailers and economic power to influence government

From Corporate Abuse:

Over the last two decades, Big Box retailers have changed everything from the looks of our communities to the labor standards that protect us as workers. There is a high cost to low prices: small businesses continue to disappear, traffic grows more snarled, local manufacturing jobs disappear as these powerful retailers demand ever lower prices from suppliers. Five Big Box retailers–Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, Target and Sears–are among the 40 largest corporations on the Fortune 500 list. With their growing economic power, comes a dangerous growth of political power.

Nowhere is the abuse of political power more clear than with Wal-Mart. As the nation’s largest–and one of the most politically mighty corporations–Wal-Mart has invested millions of dollars to defeat citizen initiatives seeking to maintain community zoning standards, held fundraisers for and made gifts to politicians who later vetoed employee health care legislation that Wal-Mart opposed, and pitted communities against one another in gaining more than $1 billion in corporate tax breaks and subsidies; including $200 million in the last three years according to Walmart Subsidy Watch.

Corporate Accountability International believes that dangerous concentrations of political power in the hands of unaccountable corporations lie at the foundation of many of the campaigns challenging Wal-Mart.

Corporations boost profits at the expense of people’s health and environment by using campaign contributions, aggressive lobbying, deceptive public relations and influence over global trade talks to write the rules that govern our economy and society to their advantage.

As corporations grow richer and more powerful than many countries, it becomes even more important to challenge the undue influence they use to weaken government policies that should protect people.