Wed. 10-22-08 Join Melissa Etheridge and Dennis Kucinich


Rock Legend/Activist Melissa Etheridge and
Human Rights Champion Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Wednesday, October 22, 2008  *  8:00pm
Cleveland Public Theatre

Spend an evening with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich in the intimate setting of Cleveland Public Theater, attend our private pre-theater reception at 6:30pm at Luxe, have your photo taken with them and enjoy a wonderful evening!

$50 Friend – 1 general theater admission ticket – and a fabulous evening! … book now

$250 Supporter – 1 theater ticket, 1 entry pass to a private reception and photograph with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, complimentary drinks and heavy hor d’oeuvres prior to the theater program … book now

$500 Sponsor – 2 theater tickets, 2 passes to a private reception and photograph with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, complimentary drinks and heavy hor d’oeuvres prior to the theater program … book now

–>We look forward to seeing you on October 22 (Elizabeth’s birthday!)

$50 Supporter – 1 general admission theater ticket.

$250 Friend – 1 theater ticket, 1 pass to a private reception including a photograph with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, complimentary drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres prior to the theater program.

$1,000 Champion – 2 theater tickets, 2 passes and special recognition at a private reception including a photograph with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, complimentary drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres prior to the theater program.

$1,500 Legend – 2 theater tickets, 2 passes and special recognition at a private reception including a photograph with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, complimentary drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres prior to the theater program. Following the program, you and a guest will join dine with Melissa Etheridge, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich.

Click here to download a flyer for the event. Please share it with your friends and family, and at work and local businesses.

Kucinich to present impeachment to House Judiciary Committee

Elton Gallegly has responded to impeachment requests that he will keep our views in mind if the issue of impeachment comes before him. Now he has his chance. Read below, this may be exciting news:

Kucinich to Present Impeachment Case to Panel

By Molly K. Hooper, CQ

Democratic leaders have agreed to give Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich a day before the House Judiciary Committee to make his case that President Bush ought to be impeached for allegedly lying to Congress in order to get approval to invade Iraq.

Kucinich, D-Ohio, has introduced three impeachment resolutions — one against Bush, HRes 1258, and two against Vice President Dick Cheney (H Res 333, H Res 799) — all of which have been referred to committee and then ignored.

On Thursday, Kucinich complied with a rule requiring him to give notice before filing another article of impeachment, which he intends to do on July 14. Earlier Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., said Judiciary Chairman John Conyers Jr. , D-Mich., likely would review the matter before his committee.

Kucinich contends that Pelosi’s blessing demonstrates the desire on Capitol Hill to hold the administration accountable for allegedly lying to Congress.

“When Congress is reminded that a case for war was made based on information that has been categorically proven to be untrue, Congress will then want to reflect on its power and responsibility,” Kucinich said.

But Democratic House leaders downplayed the possibility of actual impeachment proceedings. “It is my expectation that there will be some review of it in the committee,” Pelosi said. “Not necessarily taking up the articles of impeachment, because that would have to be voted on the floor, but to have some hearings on the subject.”

“The chairman may be holding hearings. Whether he holds impeachment hearings would be another question,” Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer , D-Md., said Thursday.

A good follow-up action would be to fax in to the House Judiciary members directly telling them your thoughts. Here are their names and fax numbers:

Fax them this
Ranking Member: Hon. Lamar Smith (TX) Phone 202-225-4236 . *Fax: 202-225-8628
Hon. James Sensenbrenner (WI) Phone (202) 225-5101
Hon. Howard Coble (NC) Phone (202) 225-3065 . *Fax: (202) 225-8611
Hon. Elton Gallegly (CA) Phone (202) 225-5811 . *Fax (202) 225-1100
Hon. Bob Goodlatte (VA) Phone (202) 225-5431 . *Fax (202) 225-9681
Hon. Steve Chabot (OH) Phone (202) 225-2216 . *(202) 225-3012
Hon. Chris Cannon (UT) Phone (202) 225-7751 . *Fax (202) 225-5629

Others on the Judiciary Committee:

Baldwin (202) 2256942 has supported impeachment hearings.
Berman (202) 2253196
Boucher (202) 2250442
Cohen (202) 2255663
Conyers (202) 2250072
Davis (202) 2269567
Delahunt (202) 2255658
Ellison (202) 2254886
Fenney (202) 2266299
Forbes (202) 2261170
Franks (202) 2256328
Gohmert (202) 2261230
Gutierrez (202) 2257810
Issa (202) 2253303
Jackson Lee (202) 2253317
Johnson (202) 2260961
Jordan (202) 2260577
Keller (202) 2250999
King (202) 2253193
Lofgrin (202) 2253336
Lungren (202) 2261298
Nadler (202) 2256923
Nadler brooklyn 718- 9960039
Pence (202) 2253382
Sanchez (202) 2261012
Schiff (202) 2255828
Scott (202) 2258354
Sherman (202) 2255879
Sutton (202) 2252266
Wasserman Schultz (202) 2262052
Waters (202) 2257854 has supported impeachment hearings.
Watt (202) 2251512
Weiner (202) 2267253
Wexler (202) 2255974 has supported impeachment hearings.

Sabrina Eaton – Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Lacky

It is interesting that after Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach George Bush was read, that the Washington Journal on CSpan chose to phone interview Sabrina Eaton, a reporter representing the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This is a national matter.  It refers to the United States Constitution and clear abuses of the Bush administration.  Why then choose to interview a reporter from the small local paper in Cleveland that has had it out for Kucinich for years?  Interesting choice of interviewee.

Would we expect a clear opinion of the content of the resolution from any representative from the Cleveland Plain Dealer?  Of course not.

Additionally how cheap.  Ms. Eaton was quite transparent in her giggles concerning Congressmen Kucinich.    She’s supposed to be a professional reporter?  Think not.  With this how can one ever honestly expect to hear anything of merit from the Cleveland Plain Dealer or from Ms. Eaton for that matter?  I’m personally wondering what Ms. Eaton got for that little cameo?  Clearly she must not have children that would cause concern for their future living in a nation of liberty and prosperity under leaders of integrity.  Rather than focusing on the content, Ms. Eaton focuses on the message that the Plain Dealer wants to deliver about Kucinich.  The Plain Dealer was unsuccessful in their corporate smear campaign against Kucinich in this year’s primary, and they just won’t give up.  Good thing the voters in Cleveland aren’t fooled by that kind of trash.

Kucinich prevailed after Republicans pull out all the stops to end his seat in Congress

Last week 10,000 Republican voters were mobilized to “Dump Dennis” and failed. Headed by Rush Limbaugh and assisted by the Cleveland “Plain Dealer”. Kucinich still won. Makes you think about what was done to him during his presidential bid.


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Dennis Kucinich Declares Victory in Cleveland Ohio

Kucinich was ahead in absentee voter ballots earlier today. This evening he has so far remained in front. Victory has been announced.

If Dennis Kucinich‘s (D-OH 10) early lead holds, he’ll beat back Cleveland City Councilor Joe Cimperman (D) and three other Dems to easily win re-election to his House seat. With 26% of the vote counted, Kucinich leads Cimperman 53-32%.

Of all of the vulnerable incumbents in primaries tonight, Kucinich appeared the most in danger. Cimperman was well-funded and ran a very good campaign. Kucinich was frightened sufficiently enough to dump his WH campaign, and returned home to campaign full-time for his re-election bid.

But Kucinich rebounded sufficiently by raising $689K in the last few weeks of the campaign. He used those funds to run several “person-on-the-street” TV ads that touted his hometown appeal.

Kucinich will face state Rep. Jim Trakas (R) in the general, but Kucinich is heavily favored for re-election. National Journal

Cleveland Plain Dealer vs Dennis Kucinich

John Nichols, The Nation:

Ohio voters head to the polls for a primary election Tuesday, and that can mean only one thing: The Cleveland Plain Dealer is griping about Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

There is nothing new, nor anything wrong, with newspapers holding members of Congress to account.

In fact, it would be good if more did so.

But the Plain Dealer, the uber-dominant daily newspaper in the city and its suburbs since the folding a quarter century ago of the feisty Cleveland Press, is not exactly holding the congressman to account. Rather, it is looking for every opportunity to put a former mayor, with whom it has sparred for decades, in his place.

The Plain Dealer’s penchant for pounding on Kucinich has little to do with the congressman’s failed presidential bids or his current advocacy on behalf of changing U.S. foreign policy, restoring a measure of balance to our trade policies or impeaching members of the Bush-Cheney administration for high crimes and misdemeanors.

While there is no question that Kucinich has put himself at odds with party leaders and pundits in Washington and Ohio – some of whom disagree with him ideologically and many of whom think his Democratic presidential campaigns of 2004 and 2008 gave new meaning to the word “quixotic” — Kucinich is hardly the only Cleveland-area House member who stretches the boundaries of the political etiquette. (Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who represents a neighboring district, mounted an necessary but controversial challenge to Congressional approval of the results of the 2004 presidential election because of unresolved issues with the vote count in her state.)

Nor is the newspaper’s gripe a personal one rooted in bad blood between individuals on the staff and a particularly-independent local official. While a few old timers remain from the days when Kucinich and the paper clashed on an almost daily basis, the penchant of the paper’s writers to pound on Kucinich knows no generational limitation.

The Plain Dealer’s distaste for Kucinich is institutional. Since the 1970s, when he was the 31-year-old “boy mayor” of Cleveland, Kucinich has rubbed the city’s economic elites – for whom the Plain Dealer has often served as a friendly newspaper of record – wrong. Kucinich never behaved as the Plain Dealer’s editors expected a mayor to behave. He refused to bend to the demands of the downtown bankers and the corporate CEOs who had gotten used to local officials – Democrats and Republicans – making populist noises but doing as they were told when it came time to choose between the boardrooms of the city’s office towers and the ethnic neighborhoods of the city and its working-class suburbs.

Kucinich’s refusal to permit the privatization of Cleveland’s municipal power plant was a classic battle between a city’s economic, political and media elites on one side and an almost unimaginably principled official on the other. The business community and its media mouthpieces tossed every charge they could at the mayor and most of them stuck. He was ultimately driven from office with a reputation so smeared that, when I arrived in Ohio as a young newspaper reporter in the 1980s, one of the first things I “learned” was that Kucinich was probably a bit unbalanced and certainly “finished forever” in politics. more

Newsweek Pokes Holes in Joe Cimperman’s Attacks Against Dennis Kucinich

Fact Checking the “Dump Dennis” ad, Justin Bank, Newsweek

Former Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is now fighting to hold onto his House seat in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s the target of a tough attack ad that says he “gives a lot of speeches” but “doesn’t get much done.” But the ad is a textbook example of deceptive political advertising – it uses dramatic-sounding numbers that, put into context, aren’t such a big deal after all:

The ad, by challenger Joe Cimperman, says that under Kucinich’s watch, “we’ve lost 38,000 jobs.” That’s the decline in employment figures for an Ohio county, part of which Kucinich serves. But we’re sure that one congressman doesn’t bear the sole responsibility for such job losses.

The ad says Kucinich “passed only one bill” in Congress, a claim based on the fact that he was the lead sponsor on only one bill that was signed into law. But such a statistic is an inadequate measure of a lawmaker’s effectiveness. A legislative tracking site found his record on legislation to be in line with those of other House members.  

It says Kucinich “brings home less money, 33% percent less.” But less than what? And what is the money for? The ad doesn’t say, but the Cimperman campaign is using a selective measurement.

While Democratic presidential candidates were trading barbs and boasts in their latest debate in Cleveland, the Ohio city was witnessing another political brawl. Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman has been running ads aimed at beating incumbent U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Ohio’s 10th congressional district. The state’s primary is March 4. Cimperman’s most recent TV ad, which first aired last week, says “Dennis Kucinich gives a lot of speeches … he just doesn’t get much done” and goes on to paint Kucinich as an ineffective congressman. But it uses misleading statistics to do so.

Who Lost What Jobs?
The ad implies that Kucinich is responsible for the loss of jobs in his district, saying, “On his watch, we’ve lost 38,000 jobs.” Cimperman spokesman Khalid Saledhi says that the 38,000 figure was tabulated from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data for Cuyahoga County (which includes Kucinich’s district as well as pieces of three other districts). The campaign looked at employment figures for Jan. 1997, Kucinich’s first month in office, and Jan. 2007, calculating a net loss of 38,261 jobs. But pinning the county’s job loss to Kucinich is just plain silly. more