CBS News Correspondent: “I’d blow my brains out”

Bill Moyers vs. Bill O’Reilly’s Producer

Interesting exchange between Bill Moyers and Bill O’Reilly’s producer, Porter Barry:

At the National Conference for Media Reform 2008 from The Uptake

Comcast censors criticisms of itself and Rep. Carney

Whatever one might think about the legal right of corporations to control our public debates by exercising power of this sort, it is impossible to deny how corrupt and damaging it is to have corporations be able to use their control over media outlets to limit and suppress the terms of our most important political debates in this manner.

News in the hands of the corporate few is dangerous for Americans.

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80% of Republicans are just Uninformed Democrats

Robert F. Kennedy

I have experienced the same time and time again.  When you speak with a Republican their values are the same as Democrats, however their opinions are formed by poor information sources.  When the conversation moves to citing acceptable resources, they have none and move to get away from the conversation.  Very sad.

The Ad Comcast Doesn’t Want You To See on Nancy Pelosi

Comcast, which has a history of censoring political content is still abusing their monopoly power to suppress political speech. Last week in San Francisco the REFUSED to accept the new Shirley Golub TV ad, in her congressional primary challenge against Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently they did not take kindly to Golub’s comparison of the political behavior of the current Speaker of the House to a rubber chicken. But that’s not their call, and in the meantime the 3 major non-cable broadcast outlets ARE running the ad and they all think it’s a delightful hoot.

But the problem is that Shirley wanted to place these ads specifically to support Keith Olbermann on MSNBC cable, and Comcast by their action is making it immensely harder for her to mobilize Olbermann fans. It is simply outrageous for Comcast to refuse to air perfectly acceptable political speech because THEY don’t like the content. We must flood them with complaints, or how much further behind will be Olbermann himself, with his uncompromising commentary.  read more

Fox News: Like Viewing a Video Version of the Nation Enquirer

And when other news media pick up on their “spin” it’s just nauseating. Whatever happened to journalist that had integrity? The truly Ugly Americans here are the media journalists without values and integrity and their corporate owners.

Ruppert must sure be getting throttled by Karl Rove to put on this garbage. Americans just can’t be this stupid.

Project Censored – Keeping the Mainstream News Honest

Here is a great resource discovered on – Project Censored from Sonoma State University.

Check out their site, which has the endorsement of Walter Cronkite – “Project censored is one of the organizations that we should listen to, to be assured that our newspapers and our broadcast outlets are practicing thorough and ethical journalism.”

Here is a listing of their top stories from last year:

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2007

Check out what’s cooking this year in their current top stories section.
I found this one of particular interest:  Bush Moves Toward Martial Law.  While this happens, what are our elected officials doing and how are they voting?  Do we have a response by our Representative Elton Gallegly?