Obama Admin switching sides on Public Option for Healthcare?

Pro-McCain Group Offering Cash for Protesters @ VP Debate

The NRCC front group “Vets for Freedom” has resorted to recruiting paid “demonstrators” from local college fraternities to maintain the illusion of popular support for Sarah Palin at the upcoming VP debate. The tactic echoes the 2000 “Brooks Brothers Riot,” when GOP congressional staff were flown from DC to fake a protest against the FLA recount .

How pitiful……

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Senate Democrats, Republicans Agree on Bailout Vote Tomorrow

Senate Democrats and Republicans have agreed to hold a vote tomorrow on a $700 billion financial- rescue plan amid evidence voters and lawmakers regretted yesterday’s U.S. House vote to kill the bailout.


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McCain’s Attack on Veterans – Los Angeles Times

His respectful rhetoric isn’t matched by his votes.

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Who Pushed “Home ownership for every American?” Rick Davis.

Homeownership Alliance Lobbyist President Rick Davis: “State and local governments nationwide must expand their efforts to ensure that every family in America has the opportunity to own a home. The more Americans we have owning homes, the stronger our economy and the greater the benefit.” Still want to blame Democrats for Fannie & Freddie?

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Scotland Plans World’s First Tidal Turbine Farms

Remember when the U.S. was on the cutting edge of technology? Seems it’s been many, many years since that time.

The two projects, which each include 20 underwater turbines, will be finished within three years and will provide power to 40,000 homes. ScottishPower Renewables will apply for planning permission next year to build the two farms in Northern Ireland’s seabed. The turbines will be manufactured in Scotland to increase the country’s green-collar jobs.

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Driving a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) powered car

Australia’s buses and taxis have been running on this stuff for at least five years. When regular gas costs $1.30 a litre and CNG costs $0.60 a litre, it’s not rocket science…

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