Just got a robocall from Strickland Campaign

Just got a robocall from the Strickland campaign.  In it the recording said something about Hannah-Beth Jackson running a smear campaign against Strickland.  It said Strickland was on the ethics committee – wait there’s something funny about the words Strickland and ethics in the same sentence.  When I think of the Stricklands sending out Joel Angeles in an attempt to stop folks from peacefully protesting, where Angeles is now being brought to court for allegedly knocking an older gentleman on the ground, I have a hard time thinking of Strickland on any ethics committee.  My impression of Mr. Angeles, as I observed the occasion, was that he looked like a thug.

When I think of Strickland’s Green Wave Energy, that does nothing, reportedly having no employees or money, and a Stricland past voting record that was abysmal for the environment, I really have a hard time thinking of Strickland and ethics.  In my opinion, it seems the Stricklands are the ones running a smear campaign. This is not even to mention some of the creepy folk that have contributed to his campaign.  please see prior Strickland posts.

Time to clean up government.

Vote Ferial Masry and Hannah-Beth Jackson.  Let the Stricklands have the time to actually do something with their yet to launch company.

Ventura County Line Up for the June 3rd 2008 Primary

California 24th Congressional District:

Democratic Candidates:

Mary Pallant, Oak Park – strongest 24th district candidate

Marta Jorgensen, Solvang

Jill Martinez, Oxnard

Republican Candidates:

Elton Gallegly

Michael Tenenbaum

California 19th Senate District:
Democrat Candidate:

Hannah-Beth Jackson

California 37th Assembly District:
Democratic Candidates:

David Hare

Ferial Masry

Republican Candidate:

Audra Strickland – enough is enough with Strickland. Called her office several times with a concern and never received a response.