Bugliosi testifies at House Judiciary against Bushent

Fear is the greatest impediment to peace

This individual spoke at her graduation ceremony with truth and great courage.  John McCain was an invited speaker, however the invitation for McCain was not supported by the students or faculty.  Why was he invited?

McCain – Serious aggression issues that look worse than Bush

Was reading Glenn Greenwald today.  His points on McCain are excellent.  Read below:

John McCain’s serious foreign policy

(updated below)

John McCain was on a conference call with right-wing bloggers yesterday and boasted:

I think that people should understand that I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare.

What possible reason would a U.S. President have for turning himself and our country into a “nightmare” for Hamas, let alone its “worst nightmare”? Hamas is a single-issue Palestinian group, focused exclusively on its “territorial dispute” with Israel (and, in light of its victory in the U.S.-demanded election, is also now preoccupied with governing the Palestinian Authority). Is there anyone who thinks that Hamas has tried to, will try to, or ever could attack the U.S.? Hamas is an enemy of Israel, not the U.S. Is that a distinction we even recognize any more?

What exactly is the point of feeding Israel billions of dollars every year in military aid if we’re going to deem every one of its fights to be our fight, and every one of its enemies to be our Enemy? Is that actually what Americans want to do: insinuate ourselves even more into other endless, intractable religious and ethnic conflicts in the Middle East?

More disturbingly still, this chest-beating threat from McCain is merely the latest in a long line of adolescent, mindlessly belligerent war cries emanating from the Serious foreign policy candidate. In a GOP debate in May of last year, he bellowed that he would “follow [Osama bin Laden] to the gates of hell” only thereafter, according to ABC News, to then “crack[] a smile which gave the impression to some viewers that perhaps he viewed his own answer as being over the top.” But he’s since repeated that demonic formulation on numerous occasions, followed by the same creepy, self-satisfied smirk:

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John McCain Mentions the “Draft” Word

Speaking in Pensacola, John McCain spoke out about the need for ROTC programs on college campuses, the need to expand the military, and the need to have more Americans to enlist in the military. He actually mentioned the “draft” word. Although doing so with a smile, the idea that he would even mention that word is of great concern. There is little doubt that if he were elected the issue of draft would not be far behind. Perhaps the number of individuals enlisting has more to do with their opposition to the occupation of Iraq. Certainly polls show the magnitude of this nation’s poor opinion of the Iraq war.

As mentioned in a previous post, McCain appears overly focused on war and more wars. His aggressive stance toward other nations, not to mention aggression toward citizens meeting with him on domestic issues is of great concern is quite evident. With his admitted ignorance of economics, his awkward incongruent speaking on Martin Luther King Jr. (his apology acknowledged, how could he ever have considered voting against a day honoring King and why does he finally feel the need to apologize during his run for the presidency when he already had many years to do so), what does he promise this nation? It has gotten to the point that viewing McCain is as looking into a future of needless war.

Clearly Bush’s endorsement and McCain pandering to Bush’s base indicates a third term of Bush. This has even driven McCain to flip flop on his opposition to the issue of torture. After years of opposing torture, McCain now votes allow it.

Locally, with Elton Gallegly fully supporting Republican agendas, it appears that with both Gallegly and McCain in office, we can look toward another term of Bush agendas. Clearly Democrats and Independents won’t stand for this and it is hoped that Republicans disgruntled with the Bush administration, of which there are many, will vote their conscience.

McCain should have the intelligence to realize that if this nation is truly attacked on our soil by another, folks would likely turn out in droves to defend it. The draft word would be the last one needed. But the occupation of another nation, without having been attacked by them and purely in the pursuit of oil, does not inspire patriotism or selfless service.

McCain is so out of touch with this nation and the world, he might as well be living on another planet.
Fed up with Republican support for Bush’s war, Republican politicians are leaving the party. Those that remain in the party will face tough campaign races.

Great video of John McCain and his policies aka Bush-Cheney

McCain will say anything he thinks will get him the support of Cheney-Bush supports. This video is a great compilation of his words. Unfortunately it leaves out McCain’s OK on torture after years of being a strong opponent to it’s use.

The original video was a Obama promotion:

The Real News Looks At Obama and Clinton on Nuclear Weapons – Leaves out Mike Gravel

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