Time to Impeach!

it was that bad and we haven’t yet impeached.

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  1. Important service! Thanks.

    Members in Congress are, also, in violation of their oath of office and should be at least notified they are subject to impeachment.

    The last thing we need is Collaborators with the Quizlings.

  2. It has been long overdue. Not only should the Bush/Cheney duo be impeached, they should be jailed for their crimes against the Constitution of the United States. I do fear their abuse of power, but what I fear most is the reluctance of this nation to rid itself of this adminstration. The people of the United States should be in the streets of this nation yelling for this administration to step down.

    Native Oregonian

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. It is a concern that our elected officials refuse to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution. These are dark days for our nation and I am concerned that our next president may not roll presidential power back.

  4. I agree! All politicians should be impeached. For lying to the American public and ignoring the Constitution! Its not just Bush, its 99% of Congress too! All their campaign lies, all their lies and half-truths on the floors of Congress, its anti-American and unproductive and it makes people like me hate politics. Impeach them all!
    Mr. Clinton should have been found guilty of impeachment, he lied under oath, the bar in Arkansas seemed to think so. Thats what started this whole mess, now every politician can get away with lies.

  5. Cheney attended Yale University, but he flunked out. Cheney was twice prosecuted for and convicted of drunk driving. Cheney lied to former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey about the grounds for going to war in Iraq. Cheney is a pathological liar. Cheney is incompetent. Cheney would like to think that he is above the law. However, Cheney must pay for crimes against the United States and the world.

    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA

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