Sarah Palin’s Left Hand

Unbelievable. Frightening actually. Sarah Palin spoke last night to the Tea Party Convention using notes scribbled on her left hand. If she can’t make it through a speech without notes on the palm of her hand…notes that she needed to respond to a question of what are the top three steps necessary for America, what of importance could she have to say to anyone in this country? I think we can get many handfuls of American citizens to respond to that question without crib notes. Just what were the Republicans trying to pan off on America when choosing her for a Vice Presidential candidate?

There was another time when Sarah Palin had hand issues, that was during the Sarah Palin – Joe Biden Debate

Was this after she hurt her hand?

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  1. And Obama, when his teleprompter wasn’t available? Stammers like a child with a speech impediment. Notes might have been helpful.

    You’d be surprised how many speakers have crib notes — pieces of paper or written on their hands.

    But this is the worse you could come up with? She writes notes? Let’s see how you handle public speaking as hundreds of people are staring at you. Let’s see you speak without having butterflies and your pits sweating. Let’s see your brain shut down as you’re speaking but of the nervousness.

    Seriously, this is the best you could come up with?

    • Seriously, if she can’t answer what her top three priorities are for government, she really should never speak in public. That was a very basic question probing for her main focus in government, she needed notes OMG!

      • As I said, it’s very apparent you’ve never done public speaking. I assure you we all use some kind of crib notes. When you are under pressure, you tend to forget some points that you want to emphasize. I’d use my cuff to write things on and occasionally my hand.

  2. “Seriously, this is the best you could come up with?” LOL, no I can come up with a lot better, Palin obviously can’t.

  3. @MTR, when you achieve the position where your appearance commands a $100,000 fee, it’s presumed you’ll do what’s necessary in order to deliver a good speech. Reading from prepared notes would be a very grown-up thing to do — reading from hand-notes is something someone would do if they planned on trotting out that tired old “Obama and his Teleprompter” schtick, and didn’t want to admit speakers do better with notes.

    When Obama took on the GOP Q&A, he had no notes or teleprompter of any kind. Palin can’t even field softball questions from a sympathetic reporter.

  4. This latest incident combined w/release of emails showing Mr. snowmobiling hubby really ran AK, says more about how far U.S. political system has degenerated — for people to be willing to accept this level of incompetence from a potential POTUS is tragic. The tired “Obama uses a teleprompter” meme is NOT a counter to this childish cheat-sheet episode –it’s really a subtext for something Chris Matthews alluded to in his clumsily worded “I forgot he was black” comment — it’s seems unfathomable to a large segment of U.S. that a person of color could be in such command of their facts, or possess that level of intellect — just a cowardly way to express bigotry and hatred. This walking jukebox of neo-con talking points is the “show” while her benefactors, Murdoch (NewsCorp) Ailes (Fox News) & Rove (Goebbels) are the “business” — the ruse of Palin as a modern day Esther, for the proudly ignorant in twangville to worship, from her in-home FOX studio is quite profitable…SarahPac/Alaska Fund/PieSky/BSMP LLC are excellent vehicles for unlimited looting to continue…

    • Re: latest emails showing hubby ran AK –

      Source please?

      Re: Chris Matthews

      Seems it’s the Left that seems it’s unfathomable that Blacks are educated.

      Seems you haven’t shown any facts supporting your statement, just inuendos.

      • MTR, writing notes on the palm of the hand isn’t the norm at televised public speaking engagements, but perhaps in your circle of influence it is. Civilization has been using paper for many years now.

        On the other hand, you seem to be taking Sarah Palin’s poor public speaking skills and idiocy quite personally. Perhaps you can better serve your interests by working with her to remember what three top priorities she has for government. Palin seems to have trouble remembering those.

      • Find the source yourself, you might get an education in the process.

  5. Palin is really a non-issue…it’s just so laughable that she doesn’t stop talking and digging herself deeper. Every time she appears, she seems to top her last appearance with either grossly misinformed remarks or behavior lacking even in the minimum amount of class.

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